Markets Last Reference
Currency 130 Dec/19

Overview Last Reference
GDP Annual Growth Rate (%) 0.4 Dec/19

GDP Last Reference
GDP Annual Growth Rate (%) 0.4 Dec/19
GDP Constant Prices (KPW Billion) 32919 Dec/19
GDP From Agriculture (KPW Billion) 7441 Dec/19
GDP From Construction (KPW Billion) 2916 Dec/19
GDP From Manufacturing (KPW Billion) 6117 Dec/19
GDP From Mining (KPW Billion) 3293 Dec/19
GDP From Public Administration (KPW Billion) 8160 Dec/19
GDP From Services (KPW Billion) 11301 Dec/19
GDP From Transport (KPW Billion) 865 Dec/19
GDP From Utilities (KPW Billion) 1854 Dec/19

Labour Last Reference
Employed Persons (Thousand ) 15912 Dec/20
Labor Force Participation Rate (%) 70.5 Dec/19
Population (Million) 25.77 Dec/20
Unemployment Rate (%) 4.7 Dec/20

Trade Last Reference
Exports (USD Million) 447 Dec/19
Imports (USD Million) 2725 Dec/19
Balance of Trade (USD Million) -2278 Dec/19
Terrorism Index 0 Dec/19

Business Last Reference
Manufacturing Production (%) -1.1 Dec/19
Internet Speed (KBps) 3451 Mar/14
IP Addresses (IP) 130 Mar/14
Car Production (Ten Thousand Units) 0.2 Dec/19
Cement Production (Thousands of Tonnes ) 5604 Dec/19
Corruption Index (Points) 18 Dec/20
Corruption Rank 170 Dec/20
Steel Production (Thousand Tonnes ) 680 Dec/19

Taxes Last Reference
Sales Tax Rate (%) 15 Dec/20

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