Montenegro Imports from Bosnia And Herzegovina of Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers was US$1.9 Million during 2021, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade. Montenegro Imports from Bosnia And Herzegovina of Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers - data, historical chart and statistics - was last updated on May of 2024.

Montenegro Imports from Bosnia And Herzegovina of Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers Value Year
Lifting, handling, loading and unload machines not else specified $781.46K 2022
Parts of Pulley Tackle, Derricks, Cranes, Lifts $384.78K 2022
Fire Extinguishers; Spray Guns $203.18K 2022
Machine tools for working wood, cork, bone $150.53K 2022
Self-propelled bulldozers, graders, scrapers $99.58K 2022
Central Heating Boilers $80.21K 2022
Industrial or Laboratory Furnaces and Ovens, Non-electric $75.72K 2022
Taps, Cocks, Valves and Similar Appliances for Pipes, Tanks or the Like $42.75K 2022
Centrifuges; Filtering or Purifying Machinery $39.82K 2022
Refrigerators, Freezers, Heat Pumps $38.20K 2022
Machines and Mechanical Appliances Having Individual Functions $29.00K 2022
Gaskets and Similar Joints of Metal Sheeting $23.55K 2022
Apparatus for Treatment of Materials By Temperature $21.36K 2022
Pumps for Liquids, Liquid Elevators $13.09K 2022
Other Machinery for Making up Paper Pulp, Paper or Paperboard $10.51K 2022
Tools for Working in the Hand $9.38K 2022
Printing Machinery; Machines for Uses Ancillary to Printing $9.30K 2022
Harvesting or Threshing Machinery $9.23K 2022
Machine tools for forging, bending, stamping $8.76K 2022
Machinery for the Industrial Preparation of Food $8.73K 2022
Transmission Shafts, Cranks, Bearing Housings, Gears, Gearing, Clutches $7.30K 2022
Fork-lift trucks, other works trucks with lifts $6.83K 2022
Parts, Accessories, of Typewriters, Calculating Machines $6.24K 2022
Pulley Tackle and Hoists $6.18K 2022
Presses, Crushes and Similar Machinery for Wine Making $6.10K 2022
Parts of Internal Combustion Piston Engines $3.96K 2022
Air Conditioning Machines $3.72K 2022
Converters, Ladles, Ingot Moulds and Casting Machines $2.9K 2022
Engines and Motors not specified elsewhere $2.89K 2022
Auxiliary Plant for Use With Boilers, Condensers $2.37K 2022
Machine tools for honing or finishing metal $2.10K 2022
Air or Vacuum Pumps, Air or Other Gas Compressors $2.03K 2022
Compression-ignition Internal Combustion Piston Engines $1.70K 2022
Machine tools for working stone, glass $1.58K 2022
Machinery for Working Rubber or Plastics $1.28K 2022
Machinery for Sorting, Screening, Separating, Washing, Crushing or Mixing $811 2022
Ball or Roller Bearings $700 2022
Automatic Data Processing Machines, Magnetic or Optical Readers $502 2022
Hydraulic Turbines, Water Wheels, and Regulators $297 2022
Dish Washing Machines, Machinery for Cleaning $292 2022
Household or Laundry-type Washing Machines $261 2022
Agricultural for Soil Preparation $39 2022
Furnace Burners, Mechanical Stokers $26 2022
Derricks, cranes, mobile lifting frames $189.54K 2020
Milking Machines and Dairy Machinery $11.76K 2020
Parts and Accessories of Machine-tools; Tool Holders $7.59K 2020
Moulding Boxes for Metal Foundry; Mould Bases; Moulding Patterns $2.42K 2020
Office machines not specified elsewhere $2.00K 2020
Boring Machinery; Pile-drivers and Pile-extractors $1.88K 2020
Sewing Machines and Needles; Furniture for Sewing Machines $1.39K 2020
Machinery and Apparatus for Soldering, Brazing or Welding $687 2020
Machinery Parts, Not Containing Electrical Features $30 2020
Other Agricultural, or Poultry-keeping Machinery $5.59K 2019
Calculating and account machines, cash registers $864 2019
Machinery for Preparing, Tanning or Working Hides, Skins or Leather $279 2019
Machine tools for shaping, slotting, gear cut $223 2019
Machine tools for drilling, boring, milling $4.41K 2017
Weighing Machinery, Weighing Machine Weights $2.00K 2017
Steam or Other Vapour Generating Boilers $1.40K 2017
Machinery for Washing, Cleaning, Wringing or Coating Textile Yarns $241 2017
Machine tools for working metal, not specified elsewhere $3.86K 2016
Machine-tools Operated By Laser, Ultrasonic, Electron Beam Processes $66.80K 2015
Book-binding Machinery $2.17K 2015
Machines for Cleaning, Sorting or Grading Seed $1.76K 2015
Automatic goods-vending machines, parts $121 2015
Turbo-jets, Turbo-propellers and Other Gas Turbines $105 2015
Machining Centres, Unit Construction Machines, for Working Metal $66.32K 2014
Auxiliary machinery for use with textile machines $2.20K 2014
Machinery for Preparing or Making up Tobacco $3.00K 2013
Machinery, Apparatus and Equipment $13.50K 2012

montenegro Last Previous Highest Lowest Unit
Balance of Trade -281590.00 -243591.00 -26293.00 -336745.00 EUR Thousand [+]
Current Account to GDP -13.20 -9.20 -7.40 -44.23 percent of GDP [+]
Current Account -422383.82 193099.97 292018.31 -493338.85 EUR Thousand [+]
Exports 42812.50 61717.70 87742.20 11428.00 EUR Thousand [+]
Imports 324402.80 301133.80 383275.25 65303.70 EUR Thousand [+]
Capital Flows -269519.98 323876.45 542738.40 -413284.30 EUR Thousand [+]
Tourist Arrivals 54817.00 37762.00 240754.00 103.00 [+]
Remittances 95985.00 94901.00 122309.00 33328.00 EUR Thousand [+]
Foreign Direct Investment 856990.15 1151665.94 1223999.76 479191.48 EUR Thousand [+]
Terrorism Index 0.00 0.00 1.45 0.00 Points [+]