Moody's credit rating for Moldova was last set at B3 with negative outlook. In general, a credit rating is used by sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and other investors to gauge the credit worthiness of Moldova thus having a big impact on the country's borrowing costs. This page includes the government debt credit rating for Moldova as reported by major credit rating agencies.

Moody'sB3 Negative Apr 14 2022
Moody'sB3 Stable Jan 13 2017
Moody'sB3 Negative Jul 31 2015
Moody'sB3 Stable Aug 12 2010
Moody'sWR N/A Oct 01 2009
Moody'sB1 Negative Watch Feb 05 2009
Moody'sCaa1 Stable May 06 2003
Moody'sCa Stable Jul 11 2002
Moody'sCaa1 Stable Jul 03 2001
Moody'sB3 Stable Apr 19 2000
Moody'sB2 Negative Watch Jul 13 1999
Moody'sB2 Stable Jul 14 1998
Moody'sBa2 Stable Jan 14 1997