Percentage of population age 25+ with a doctoral degree or equivalent (ISCED 8). Gender Parity Index

The ratio of the female percentage of the population (age 25 and over) with a completed doctoral or equivalent degree (ISCED 8) to the male percentage of the population with a doctoral or equivalent degree. It is calculated by dividing the female value for the indicator by the male value for the indicator. A GPI equal to 1 indicates parity between females and males. In general, a value less than 1 indicates disparity in favor of men and a value greater than 1 indicates disparity in favor of women. The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) educational attainment dataset shows the educational composition of the population aged 25 years and above and hence the stock and quality of human capital within a country. The dataset also reflects the structure and performance of the education system and its accumulated impact on human capital formation. For more information, visit the UNESCO Institute for Statistics website: