Gross ODA aid disbursement for total sector allocable, DAC donors total

This is the aggregate total of allocable sectors as follows: I.1 Education, Total; I.2 Health, Total; I.3 Population Programmes; I.4 Water Supply & Sanitation; I.5 Government & Civil Society; I.6 Other Social Infrastructure & Services; II.1Transport & Storage; II.2Communications; II.3 Energy; II.4 Banking & Financial Services; II.5 Business & Other Services; III.1 Agriculture - Forestry - Fishing, Total; III.2 Industry - Mining - Construction, Total; III.3 Trade Policy and Regulations; III.4 Tourism; IV.1 General Environment Protection; IV.2 Women In Development; IV.3 Other Multisector. Data are in current U.S. dollars.