Expenditure on tertiary as % of total government expenditure

Total general (local, regional and central) government expenditure on tertiary education (current, capital, and transfers), expressed as a percentage of total general government expenditure on all sectors (including health, education, social services, etc.). It includes expenditure funded by transfers from international sources to government. Divide total government expenditure for a given level of education (ex. primary, secondary, or all levels combined) by total general government expenditure (all sectors), and multiply by 100. A higher percentage of government expenditure on education shows a high government priority for education relative to other public investments. When interpreting this indicator however, one should keep in mind that some governments have more (or less) means and therefore larger (or smaller) overall budgets, and that countries with younger populations may spend more on education in relation to other sector such as health or social security, and vice-versa. For more information, consult the UNESCO Institute of Statistics website: http://www.uis.unesco.org/Education/