Civil society organizations in Local Education Group (1=text in notes)

Local and international civil society organizations (CSO) participating in the Local Education Group (LEG), excluding development partners and government and public entities. The LEG is the local structure of the Global Partnership for Education that brings together partners to develop high quality education strategies and programs. They are typically led by the Ministry of Education and include development partners and other education stakeholders such as national government and public entities, local and international civil society organizations (CSOs), CSO coalitions, teachers' and parents' organizations and private sector providers. The specific composition, title, and working arrangements of the LEG will vary from country to country. The LEG should be a collaborative forum for policy dialogue and for alignment and harmonization of technical and financial support to the education sector plan. It seeks to ensure that all parties are kept fully apprised of the progress and challenges in the sector, and it collates and disseminates information on domestic and external funding for the education sector.