Barley seed quantity (FAO, metric tonnes)

Data include the amounts of the commodity in question set aside for sowing or planting (or generally for reproduction purposes, e.g. sugar cane planted, potatoes for seed, eggs for hatching and fish for bait, whether domestically produced or imported) during the reference period. Account is taken of double or successive sowing or planting whenever it occurs. The data of seed include also, when it is the case, the quantities necessary for sowing or planting the area relating to crops harvested green for fodder or for food.(e.g. green peas, green beans, maize for forage) Data for seed element are stored in tonnes (t). Whenever official data were not available, seed figures have been estimated either as a percentage of supply (e.g. eggs for hatching) or by multiplying a seed rate with the area under the crop of the subsequent year.