Jan/01 New Year's Day
Jan/02 New Year's Holiday
Jan/03 New Year's Holiday
Jan/20 National Day of Sorrow
Mar/08 International Women's Day
Mar/20 Nowruz
Mar/21 Nowruz
Mar/22 Nowruz
Mar/23 Nowruz
Mar/24 Nowruz
Mar/26 Nowruz (Substitute Day)
May/09 Victory Day
May/28 Republic Day
Jun/04 End of Ramadan
End of Ramadan
Jun/15 National Salvation Day
Jun/18 End of Ramadan (Substitute Day)
Jun/19 End of Ramadan (Substitute Day)
Jun/26 Azerbaijan Armed Forces Day
Aug/11 Sacrifice Feast
Sacrifice Feast
Nov/09 National Flag Day
Dec/31 World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day