Singapore Inflation Rate Down to 3.6 Percent in November

CPI-All Items inflation moderated to 3.6 percent in November from 4.0 percent in October 2012, reflecting more moderate price increases across most major categories in the CPI basket.
Ministry of Trade and Industry | Andre Crujo | 12/26/2012 9:37:38 AM

Accommodation cost inflation was 6.6 percent in November, lower than the 6.8 percent in October due to slightly smaller rental increases for both private and HDB properties compared to a year ago.  Private road transport costs also rose at a slower pace of 6.7 percent in November from 8.3 percent in the preceding month as the y-o-y rise in COE premiums eased.  Together, accommodation and private road transport costs accounted for just under two-thirds of CPI-All Items inflation in November.  

Services inflation inched down to 2.9 percent in November from 3.1 percent in October on account of smaller increases in the costs of holiday travel and medical treatment.  

Prices of oil-related items in the CPI also went up at a slower pace in tandem with easing global crude oil inflation. 

Food inflation was stable at 1.7 percent in November.  

Singapore Inflation Rate Down to 3.6 Percent in November