Brazil's Unemployment Rate Down to 5.3% in October

Brazil's unemployment rate was estimated at 5.3%, the lowest in a month of October since the beginning of the series (March 2002). It was stable in comparison with the September result (5.4%). In comparison with October 2011 (5.8%), there was decline of 0.5 percentage points. 12/11/2012 4:02:05 PM
The unemployed population (1.3 million persons) remained unchanged, both in comparison with September and with October last year. The employed population (23.4 million) recorded positive change of 0.9% over the September figure. Compared with October 2011, there was increase of 3.0%, what meant an increment of 684 thousand employed persons in a period of 12 months.  The number of workers with an employment record card signed in the private sector (11.5 million) did not record change in comparison with that of September.  In the annual comparison, there was increase (3.2%), representing an increment of 356 thousand job posts with a signed employment record card in one year.