ECB Draghi Confident Euro Area Inflation to Rise

The inflation in the Euro Area will return to 2 percent without undue delay because there can't be any limit to how far the central bank deploys its tools to achieve it, President Draghi said in a speech at the Economic Club of New York on December 4th, suggesting policymakers could set more stimulus packages in next meetings.
ECB | Joana Taborda | 12/4/2015 6:13:46 PM
Excerpts from the Speech by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, Economic Club of New York, 4 December 2015:

There is no particular limit to how we can deploy any of our tools. And in this context it is important to recall that we operate under a clear framework of monetary dominance – we are ultimately driven by our mandate of maintaining price stability.

Indeed, it is inevitable that unconventional policy settings, ranging from negative interest rates to purchases of a broad range of assets, can have unintended consequences on allocation and distribution. In the selection of our policy tools, we aim to minimise the extent of such distortions, which is why, for instance, we have so far focused our asset purchases as much as possible in the most liquid and generic asset classes.

But there is no doubt that if we had to intensify the use of our instruments to ensure that we achieve our price stability mandate, we would. There cannot be any limit to how far we are willing to deploy our instruments, within our mandate, and to achieve our mandate. And indeed the European Court of Justice has stated that the ECB must be allowed “broad discretion” when it “prepares and implements an open market operations programme”.

I can say therefore with confidence – and without any complacency – that we will secure the return of inflation to 2% without undue delay, because we are currently deploying tools that we believe will achieve this, and because we can, in any case, deploy our tools further if that proves necessary.

ECB Draghi Confident Euro Area Inflation to Rise