China’s Trade Surplus Rises in October to $27.1 bn

China’s trade surplus with other countries jumped in October while imports and exports also advanced higher.

The latest trade surplus numbers increased by over $10 billion in October from September with a surplus of US $27.1 billion following a trade surplus of $16.9 billion in September, according to the state run news agency Xinhua.

October marked the second highest surplus data this year following a surplus of $28.73 billion recorded in July and brought the total 2010 surplus to US $147.77 billion through the first 10 months of the year (-6.7% compared to last year).

Chinese exports rose on an annual basis by 22.9 percent in October from the October 2009 level to a total of US$135.98 billion.

Imports increased at an even faster pace in October with an annual rise by 25.3 percent to a total of US$108.83 billion.

China’s Trade Surplus Rises in October to $27.1 bn
11/11/2010 3:47:25 AM