Malaysian Trade Surplus Widens in September

In September of 2013, Malaysian trade surplus increased to 8.66 billion MYR, up from 7.1 billion MYR a month earlier and 6.47 billion MYR the same month last year. Shipments rose for the fourth consecutive month and reached in September the highest value this year.

Exports increased to 63.28 billion MYR, up by 5.6 percent over a year earlier and 0.6 percent over the previous month.  Increases were recorded mainly in exports to China, the ASEAN countries, the EU, Hong Kong and South Korea. In terms of products, higher shipments were recorded mainly for refined petroleum products, manufactures of metal, crude petroleum, chemicals and chemical products as well as electrical and electronic products primarily electronic integrated circuits.

Imports rose 2.8 percent over September of 2012 to 54.61 billion MYR, mainly due to higher imports of intermediate goods (+2.2 percent) and consumption goods (+6.6 percent). Imports of capital goods, however, declined by 2 percent. On a monthly basis, imports shrank by 2.1 percent. 

Malaysia’s total trade during January-September 2013 was  1.006 trillion MYR, an  increase of 2.4 percent over a year earlier. Exports were lower by 0.2 percent while imports expanded by 5.5 percent.  

Total exports in the third quarter of 2013 expanded by 7.6 percent year-on-year, while imports increased by 7.5 percent.

Malaysian Trade Surplus Widens in September

Department of Statistics, Malaysia | Joana Taborda |
11/8/2013 10:17:15 AM