Australia's Unemployment Remains at 5.4 Percent in October

Australia's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased slightly but the rounded estimate remained at 5.4 per cent in October., ABS 11/8/2012 1:05:34 PM

The ABS reported the number of people employed increased by 10,700 to 11,523,200 in October. The increase in employment was driven by increased full-time employment, up 18,700 people to 8,130,100 and was offset by decreased part-time employment, down 8,000 people to 3,393,100. The increase in employment was driven by increased male full-time employment.

The number of people unemployed decreased by 8,800 people to 653,200 in October, the ABS reported.

The ABS monthly aggregate hours worked series showed a decrease in October, down 4.2 million hours to 1,622.6 million hours.

The ABS reported a seasonally adjusted labour force participation rate decrease of 0.1 percentage points to 65.1 per cent in October.