Australia's Trade Deficit Narrows in September

Australia reported a trade deficit of $284m in September of 2013, a decrease of $409m (59%) on the deficit in August of 2013. Compared to the previous month, imports declined 1 percent and exports remained almost the same.
Australian Bureau of Statistics | 11/6/2013 12:56:25 AM
In seasonally adjusted terms, exports rose $124m to $27,309m. Non-rural goods rose $206m (1%). Rural goods fell $88m (3%), net exports of goods under merchanting fell $1m (3%) and non-monetary gold fell $1m. Services credits rose $8m.

In seasonally adjusted terms, goods and services imports fell $285m (1%) to $27,593m. Consumption goods fell $213m (3%), capital goods fell $160m (3%) and non-monetary gold fell $148m (29%). Intermediate and other merchandise goods rose $215m (2%). Services debits rose $21m.