Canada Posts Trade Surplus in September

Canadian trade balance registered a CAD 710 million surplus in September of 2014 from a revised CAD 460 million deficit in August, due to a 1.5 percent drop in imports, mainly energy and metal products.
Statistics Canada | Ricardo Martins I 11/4/2014 1:55:29 PM
Exports rose to CAD 44.8 billion, as volumes were up 1.6 percent while prices edged down 0.4 percent. led by motor vehicles and parts, consumer goods as well as metal and non-metallic mineral products.

Exports of motor vehicles and parts increased 6.0 percent to CAD 6.4 billion in September. The main contributor was passenger cars and light trucks (+8.6 percent). Exports of aircraft and other transportation equipment and parts declined by 20.9 percent in September  to CAD 1.7 billion.

Imports declined to CAD 44.1 billion, as volumes decreased 1.0 percent and prices were down 0.6 percent. The main contributors to the decline in imports were energy products as well as metal and non-metallic mineral products.

Imports of energy products fell 19.4 percent to CAD 3.4 billion in September, as volumes were down 14.5 percent. The main contributor to the decrease in imports was the commodity grouping crude oil and crude bitumen, which declined 36.4 percent to CAD 1.6 billion as some Canadian refineries were conducting maintenance.

Imports from the United States were up 0.7 percent to CAD 29.7 billion in September, led by motor vehicles and parts. Exports to the United States increased 0.8 percent to CAD 33.7 billion. Canada's trade surplus with the United States was virtually unchanged from August to September at CAD 3.9 billion.

Canada Posts Trade Surplus in September