Italy Trade Surplus at 2-1/2-Year Low

Italy recorded a €1.8 billion trade surplus in August of 2015, narrowing from a downwardly revised €8.07 billion surplus in the previous month and the lowest since February of 2013. Imports increased more than exports as lower prices dragged energy sales down.

Year-on-year, imports went up 2.1 percent to €22.5 billion, boosted by purchases of transport equipment, except motor vehicles (26.5 percent) and electrical equipment (23.3 percent). Imports from the European Union countries increased 4.7 percent while those from the rest of the world shrank 0.9 percent. In particular, purchases from Turkey (34.4 percent) and Poland (25.6 percent) recorded the strongest growth.

Exports rose 1 percent to €24.3 billion, boosted by sales of consumption goods (5 percent) and capital goods (2.8 percent), mainly motor vehicles (36 percent), computer, electronic and optical equipment (14.3 percent) and furniture (10.5 percent). In contrast, sales of intermediate goods (-0.9 percent) and energy (-22.3 percent) shrank. 

Among trading partners, shipments to the European Union countries surged 5.6 percent while to the rest of the world sales decreased 3.6 percent. In particular, exports to Spain recorded the highest increase (18.3 percent), followed by the United States (13.1 percent), France and the Czech Republic (9.2 percent each) and the Netherlands (9.0 percent).

On a seasonally adjusted basis and compared to the previous month, exports shrank 3.6 percent and imports fell 2.6 percent. 

Italy Trade Surplus at 2-1/2-Year Low

Istat | Joana Taborda |
10/16/2015 9:59:18 AM