Brazil Unemployment Rate Falls to 5.3% in August

In August of 2013, Brazilian jobless rate dropped for the second consecutive month to 5.3 percent, from 5.6 percent in July and unchanged from last year's figure.
Joana Taborda | 9/26/2013 1:17:03 PM
In August, the number of unemployed people decreased to 1.3 million, from 1.4 million recorded in July, while the number of employed people (23.2 million) remained unchanged. Yet, compared with the same month last year, the number of employed people increased 1.2 percent.  

Although in August the number of workers with a formal contract in the private sector (11.7 million) showed no big changes from July, it increased 3.1 percent year-on-year. 

Average real wages (R$ 1883.0) increased 1.7 percent month-over-month and 1.3 percent from August of 2012. 

Salvador jobless rate increased in August to 9.3 percent. In contrast, unemployment decreased in the remaining five regions.

Year-on-year, average real wages increased in Belo Horizonte (2.4 percent), Rio de Janeiro (4.4 percent) and Porto Alegre (6.9 percent) and declined in Recife (2.7 percent), Salvador (2.3 percent) and São Paulo (0.6 percent). From July to August, average real wages went up in all six main regions. 

Brazil Unemployment Rate Falls to 5.3% in August