German Trade Surplus Hits Record High in June

Germany posted a €24.0 billion trade surplus in June 2015, up from €16.2 billion a year earlier and well above market forecasts. It is the highest surplus on record, as exports surged by 13.7 percent year-on-year and imports grew by 6.4 percent.
Destatis l Rida Husna l 8/7/2015 8:49:24 AM
In June, the country exported goods to the value of € 105.9 billion and imported goods to the value of €81.9 billion. 

Germany dispatched goods to the value of €61.5 billion (+12.2 percent year-on-year) to the Member States of the European Union, while it received goods to the value of € 53.7 billion (+5.1 percent) from those countries. Goods to the value of € 38.9 billion (+11.0 percent) were dispatched to the Euro area countries in June 0f 2015, while the value of the goods received from those countries was €36.9 billion (+3.6 percent). Sales to EU countries not belonging to the Euro area increased by 14.2 percent to €22.6 billion while the value of the goods which arrived from those countries was 16.8 billion euros (+8.4 percent).

Exports to countries outside the European Union amounted to €44.5 billion in June 2015 (+15.8 percent), while imports from those countries totaled €28.2 billion (+8.9 percent). 

In May 2015, Germany posted a revised €19.5 billion trade surplus, following a €21.9 billion surplus in April.

In calendar and seasonally adjusted terms, the foreign trade balance recorded a surplus of 22.0 billion euros in June 2015. Month-on-month, after calendar and seasonal adjustment, exports fell by 1.0 percent while imports declined by by 0.5 percent. 

German Trade Surplus Hits Record High in June