Ireland Trade Surplus Widens to 32-Month High

Ireland posted a €4.6 billion trade surplus in April of 2015, up from a downwardly revised €3.3 billion surplus in the previous month as exports reached an all-time high while imports fell.

Seasonally adjusted exports increased by 12 percent to €9,303 million, the highest figure recorded so far, while imports decreased 6 percent to €4,734 million, preliminary figures showed.

Year-on-year, sales grew 30 percent, as exports of medical and pharmaceutical products rose 63 percent and shipments of organic chemicals increased 40 percent. The EU accounted for 51 percent of total exports in April 2015 of which 15 percent went to Belgium while the USA was the main non-EU destination accounting for 24 percent of total exports.

Imports increased at a slower 9 percent when compared to a year earlier, boosted by 25 percent increase in purchases of chemicals and related products and a 28 percent surged in miscellaneous manufactured articles. Imports of machinery specialised for particular industries also increased by 86 percent. The EU accounted for 61 percent of imports during the month, with 27 percent of total imports coming from Great Britain. The USA (12 percent) and China (6 percent) were the main non-EU sources of imports.

Ireland Trade Surplus Widens to 32-Month High

6/15/2015 12:48:18 PM