Japan Jobless Rate Stays At 23-Year Low In April

The unemployment rate in Japan stood at 2.8 percent in April of 2017, the same as in the previous two months. The figure was consistent with the market consensus and remained at its lowest level since June 1994. Meanwhile, the jobs-to-applicants ratio was 1.48, up from 1.45 in the previous period and beating expectations of 1.46 to mark the highest level since February 1974.

Compared to the previous month, there were 1.86 million unemployed persons, 20 thousand more than in March. Employment increased by 260 thousand to 65.22 million, the highest reading since June of 1998. The labour force rose by 240 thousand to 67.03 million while those detached from the labour force went down by 280 thousand to 43.96 million.

Among people aged 15 to 24 years old, the jobless rate rose to 5 percent from 4.4 percent.

A year earlier, unemployment was higher at 3.2 percent.

Japan Jobless Rate Stays At 23-Year Low In April

Statistics Japan | Charles | charles@tradingeconomics.com
5/30/2017 9:57:37 AM