New Zealand Trade Surplus Narrows in April

New Zealand trade surplus decreased to NZD 534 million in April of 2014 from a revised NZD 935 million in the previous month. While large price-driven increases led to an annual 14 percent surge in sales, April 2014 is the first month since August 2013 where the export value was not a record for the month.

Goods exports rose to NZD 4.5 billion in April 2014. This is an increase of NZD 553 million since April 2013. Milk powder, butter, and cheese led the increase in exports, with the value up over one-third, to NZD 1.2 billion, compared with April 2013. Quantities showed little change, up 1.6 percent. Milk powder, anhydrous milk fat, and butter showed the largest rises.

Seasonally adjusted exports fell 6.5 percent in April 2014 compared with March 2014. This was led by a decrease in milk powder, butter, and cheese exports, following large increases in late 2013.

The value of imported goods rose NZD 190 million (5.0 percent) to NZD 4.0 billion, compared with April 2013. Capital goods led the rise, up NZD 117 million.  Like exports, imports are up when compared with the same period last year.  However, after adjusting for seasonality, they have fallen 5.0 percent since March 2014.

New Zealand Trade Surplus Narrows in April

Statistics New Zealand | Joana Taborda |
5/26/2014 12:01:55 AM