Turkish Jobless Rate Rises To 12.6% In February

The jobless rate in Turkey increased to 12.6 percent in February of 2017, up from 10.9 percent a year earlier. Non-farm unemployment went up to 14.8 percent from 12.7 percent and youth unemployment rose to 23.3 percent from 18.6 percent.

The number of unemployed persons rose by 676 thousand to 3.900 million and employment went up by 500 thousand to 26.956 million. In addition, the labour force increased by 1.175 million to 30.855 million. There were 41 thousand less people detached from the labour force, reaching 28.712 million. 

The non-agricultural sector added 340 thousand jobs and the farm sector added 160 thousand: employment rose in services (0.3 percent) and in agriculture (0.4 percent) while fell in industry (-0.4 percent) and remained unchanged in construction.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, the unemployment rate fell to 11.7 percent in February of 2017 from 11.8 percent in January.

Turkish Jobless Rate Rises To 12.6% In February

Turkstat | Yekaterina Guchshina | yekaterina@tradingeconomics.com
5/15/2017 7:22:29 AM