Australia's Trade Surplus Narrows in March

Australian trade surplus narrowed to AUD 731 million in March of 2014, compared with a revised AUD 1257 million in February, mainly due to a fall in mining exports. It was the fourth straight monthly surplus but missed analysts' expectations.
ABS | Joana Taborda | 5/6/2014 11:14:41 AM
In seasonally adjusted terms, exports of goods and services fell AUD 547 million (2 percent mom) to AUD 29,033 million. Non-rural goods fell AUD 578 million (3 percent). The main component contributing to the fall in seasonally adjusted estimates was metal ores and minerals, down 6 percent. Non-monetary gold fell AUD 56m (4 percent), rural goods rose AUD 47 million (1 percent) and net exports of goods under merchanting rose AUD 1 million (7 percent). Exports of services rose AUD 40 million (1 percent).

Imports of goods and services fell AUD 21 million to AUD 28,302 million. Capital goods fell AUD 119 million (2 percent), consumption goods fell AUD 48 million (1 percent) and non-monetary gold fell AUD 41 million (12 percent). Intermediate and other merchandise goods rose AUD 224 million (2 percent). Imports of services fell AUD 36 million (1 percent).