Brazil Inflation Rate Up to 8-Month High

In March of 2014, Brazilian annual consumer prices accelerated to 6.15 percent from 5.68 percent in the previous month. On a monthly basis, prices rose 0.92 percent as a severe drought raised food cost.
Joana Taborda | 4/9/2014 1:30:10 PM
Among food prices, vegetables (20.19 percent) and fruits (19.59 percent) recorded the highest annual increase.

On a monthly basis, food prices grew the most (1.92 percent), as the drought affected crops in some regions, hurting food supply. Prices of tomatoes rose 32.85 percent, potatoes 35 percent and beans 11.8 percent.

Among regions, food prices rose the most in Porto Alegre (4.21 percent), Campo Grande (3.74 percent), Curitiba (3.52 percent) and in Rio de Janeiro (3.26 percent). 

Additional upward pressures came from cost of transport (+1.38 percent month-over-month), mainly due to higher prices of airline tickets (+26.49 percent) and ethanol (4.07 percent). 

In contrast, housing prices slowed to 0.33 percent in March and health cost decelerated to 0.43 percent from 0.74 percent in February. 

Brazil Inflation Rate Up to 8-Month High