Malaysian Trade Surplus Widens To Highest in Nearly 2 Years

Trade surplus in Malaysia increased to MYR 10.4 billion in February of 2014, up from MYR 8.2 billion a year earlier. Exports expanded at a double-digit 12.3 percent on the year due to a strong rise in electronic sales, liquefied natural gas products and machinery. Imports increased 9.5 percent.

In February of 2014, exports amounted to MYR 58.91 billion. Sales of manufactured goods increased 17.8 percent from February of 2013, mainly due to higher exports of electrical and electronic products, especially electronic integrated circuits, apparatus for transmission or reception of voice, images and data as well as photosensitive semi-conductor devices. 

Shipments of mining goods rose 2.4 percent, mainly liquefied natural gas, while sales of agricultural goods expanded by 3.6 percent (mostly palm oil).

Imports grew to MYR 48.48 billion due to higher purchases of electrical and electronic products (+8.4 percent), refined petroleum products (+42.8 percent) and chemical products (+26.4 percent). 

The main export partners were the ASEAN countries (27.1 percent of the total exports) followed by Japan, China, European Union and the United States, while the top countries for Malaysia’s imports were China, Singapore, Japan, the United States and Thailand.

On a monthly basis, Malaysia’s trade surplus increased 64 percent from MYR 6.3 billion. Exports fell at a slower pace than imports (-8 percent and -16 percent, respectively).

Malaysian Trade Surplus Widens To Highest in Nearly 2 Years

Department of Statistics, Malaysia | Isabel Felino |
4/4/2014 10:09:46 AM