Malaysia Trade Surplus Lowest in 4 Months

Malaysia reported a MYR 4.52 billion trade surplus in February of 2015, significantly down from MYR 10.43 billion a year earlier and missing market forecasts. It is the smallest surplus since October 2014, as exports fell sharply while imports grew only marginally.

Year-on-year, exports declined by 9.7 percent to MYR 53.17 billion in February. All sales decreased: refined petroleum products (-32.2 percent to MYR 3.4 billion, accounting for about 6.3 percent of total shipments); palm oil and palm-based products (-24.1 percent to MYR 4.0 billion, 7.5 percent share); liquefied natural gas (-13.8 percent to MYR 4.9 billion, 9.2 percent share); crude petroleum (-19.4 percent to MYR 1.8 billion, 3.4 percent share); natural rubber (-46.4 percent to MYR 261.6 million, 0.6 percent); electrical & electronics (-0.9 percent to MYR 18.4 billion, 34.7 percent share) and timber & timber based products (-7.7 percent to MYR 1.3 billion, 2.5 percent share). 

By country, exports to China dropped the most by MYR 1.6 billion, followed by Indonesia (MYR -645.5 million), Japan (MYR -463.1 million), Taiwan (MYR- 444.2 million) and Republic of Korea (MYR 414.7 million).

Imports increased marginally by 0.4 percent to MYR 48.65 billion, as purchases of  all goods rose. Imports of intermediate goods grew by 5.9 percent  to MYR 29.4 billion, representing 60.3 percent of total imports; imports of consumption goods increased by 13.2 percent to MYR 3.9 billion, comprising of 8.1 percent share and those of capital goods rose by 6.6 percent to MYR 6.9 billion, accounting for 14.2 percent share.

By country, imports from China increased the most by MYR 1.7 billion, followed by the EU countries (MYR 1.2 billion), Taiwan (MYR 463.2 million), Indonesia (MYR 342.5 million) and Switzerland (+242.8 million).

In January 2015, Malaysia posted a revised MYR 8.96 billion trade surplus, following a MYR 9.22 billion leftover in December 2014.

Malaysia Trade Surplus Lowest in 4 Months

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4/3/2015 9:16:28 AM