Brazil Jobless Rate Rises to 12.4%

The unemployment rate in Brazil rose to 12.4 percent in the three months to February 2019 from 11.6 percent in the September-November period but dropped from a 12.6 percent a year earlier. It was the highest jobless rate since the three months to June 2018 period.
IBGE | Stefanie Moya | 3/29/2019 12:24:35 PM
Compared with the three months ended in November of 2018, the number of unemployed increased by 892 thousand to 13.098 million. 

Employment dropped by 1062 thousand to 92.127 million, with most of job losses occurring in public administration, defense, social security and education (-574 thousand); industry (-198 thousand); construction (-155 thousand); agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishery and aquaculture (-127 thousand); and other services (-120 thousand). In contrast, job gains were recorded in transportation, warehousing and mail (+133 thousand); and information and communication activities, finance, real estate, professional and administrative activities (+90 thousand). 

The number of people in the labour force declined by 22 thousand to 105.226 million and those detached from the labour force advanced by 595 thousand to 65.691 million.

Compared with the same period of 2018, the number of unemployed fell by 22 thousand from 13.121 million, while employment went up by 1036 thousand from 91.091 million.

The average real income was estimated at BRL 2,285 in the three months to February, compared to BRL 2,250 in the three months to November and to BRL 2,268 a year earlier.

Brazil Jobless Rate Rises to 12.4%