Australia's Trade Deficit Smallest in 9 Months

Australia's trade gap was reported at $436m in December 2014, a decrease of $580m (57%) on the deficit in November 2014 as exports rose for a fourth month in a row and imports fell.
ABS | 2/3/2015 1:14:41 AM
Between November and December 2014, in seasonally adjusted terms, exports rose $374m (1%) to $27,243m. Non-monetary gold rose $428m (52%) and rural goods rose $331m (10%). Non-rural goods fell $417m (2%). Net exports of goods under merchanting remained steady at $43m. Service credits rose $31m (1%).

Between November and December 2014,in seasonally adjusted terms, imports fell $206m (1%) to $27,680m. Intermediate and other merchandise goods fell $296m (3%) and capital goods fell $5m. Non-monetary gold rose $53m (22%) and consumption goods rose $17m. Service debits rose $25m.

In 2014, Australia reported a trade deficit of $9.9b in original terms, a fall of $0.4b (4%) on the deficit of $10.3b recorded in 2013 as a $7.8b (2%) increase in exports was partly offset by a $7.3b (2%) increase in imports.