Turkish Jobless Rate Up to Over 6-Year High of 11.8%

The unemployment rate in Turkey increased to 11.8 percent in October of 2016 from 10.50 percent a year earlier. It was the highest jobless rate since March 2010 as non-farm unemployment also rose to 13.7 percent (1.3 percentage point increase) and the jobless rate among those aged 15 to 24 went up by 1.4 percentage point to 19.9 percent.

The number of unemployed persons went up by 500 thousand to 3.647 thousand and employment increased by 411 thousand to 27267 thousand. The non-agricultural sector increased 579 thousand jobs while the farm sector lost 168 thousand: employment decreased in agriculture (by 0.9 percentage point) and in industry (by 0.6 percentage point) while rose in services (by 1.6 percentage point), and construction unchanged.

According to the distribution of employment by sector; 20.5 percent was employed in agriculture, 19.5 percent was in industry, 7.6 percent was in construction and 53.6percent was in services.

In addition, the number of people in the labour force rose by 911 thousand to 30914 thousand and those detached from the labour force decreased by 55 thousand to 28.076 thousand (employed). The participation rate rose 0.8 percentage points from a year earlier to 52.4 percent.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, unemployment went up by 117 thousand persons and reached 3 million 611 thousand while employment decreased by 23 thousand and reached 27 million 312 thousand persons in October compared with the previous month

Turkish Jobless Rate Up to Over 6-Year High of 11.8%

Statistics of Turkey l Chusnul Ch Manan| chusnul@tradingeconomics.com
1/16/2017 9:04:43 AM