Canada Unemployment Rate Rises to 6.9%

The jobless rate in Canada increased to 6.9 percent in December of 2016 from 6.8 percent in the previous month, in line with market expectations as more people participated in the labour market. Employment rose by 54,000 (+0.3 percent) in December, the result of gains in full-time work.
Statistics Canada | Joana Taborda | 1/6/2017 1:59:27 PM
In the fourth quarter of 2016, employment increased by 108 thousand (+0.6 percent), the largest increase since the second quarter of 2010. This followed a gain of 62 thousand (+0.3 percent) in the third quarter.

In the 12 months to December, employment gains totalled 214 thousand or 1.2 percent, compared with a growth rate of 0.9 percent observed over the same period one year earlier. A year-end review is presented in a separate section below.

In December, employment increased among women aged 25 to 54. There was little overall employment change among the other demographic groups.

Quebec and British Columbia recorded increases in employment, while there was little change in the other provinces.

More people were employed in professional, scientific and technical services, and in health care and social assistance. At the same time, employment declined in agriculture.

The number of employees increased in both the public and private sectors in December, while self-employment was little changed.

Canada Unemployment Rate Rises to 6.9%